Tony Sheldon Spent $100,000 to Look alike Justin Beiber

Believe it or not – it’s the latest trend fast catching up with the celebrity fanatics. There are enough crazy people in the world to pay big bucks to look like her favorite celebrity – says plastic surgery experts and researchers. New York Post recently ran an in-depth report on the upcoming but bizarre trend.

Justin Bieber Look Alike

For most of us, this news may come as shocking and totally ridiculous. But for Nino Dean, Stacy Shanahan and Deborah Davenport, this is a dream come true.

“I wanted her baby face,” says New York fashion stylist Nino Dean about his decision to change his appearance to resemble Vanessa Paradis. “I still find her my favorite beauty of all.”

“I know it sounds crazy, but I’d be happy being more like Heather Locklear.” – And this Stacy Shanahan explanation for her bizarre wish. “I wouldn’t miss how I look. She’s beautiful.” Stacy paid a whooping $6, 500 bill for the transformation. Deborah davenport on the other hand was sick of people telling her that she resembles Cameron Diaz and went under the knife for a Kate Wislet face that has cost her $15,000, so far! She has got her nose sculpted by shaving off cartilage, plumped up her face with fillers and got botox around her eyes and forehead.

celebrity look-alike plastic surgery

Tony Sheldon plastic surgery for Justin Beiber looks

The most bizarre is yet to come – 33 year old Tony Sheldon spent an unbelievable $100,000 to look like teen pop star, Justin Beiber. “Once Justin shot to fame, his face was everywhere and all I kept thinking when I saw his picture was ‘I want to look like him’,” Sheldon explains.

But don’t worry; celeb crazy aspirants are not raiding the plastic surgeons clinic every day. But their numbers have certainly increased, significantly.

Which celebrity would you pick for that nose of yours? It’s time to join the crowd!

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