Top 10 Best Celebrity Nose Jobs

Plastic surgery is a celebrity favorite across the world. But Hollywood has a fierce addiction to plastic surgery, next only to South Korean stars. It is impossible to find a celebrity who hasn’t gone under the knife at least once. A nip and tuck there is considered absolutely essential to keep up with demands of our glamour industry. If not anything, a nose job is unavoidable in a celebrity’s career. Some of them actually managed to benefit from a good Rhinoplasty. Let’s congratulate these beautiful people and their flawless nose jobs.

List of  Top Ten Best Celebrity Nose Jobs 2013-2014

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston nose job

That nose job has done a lot to improve her looks – first of all it took away the girlish looks and gave her a refined matured look. Kudos to Jennifer for pulling off a flawless nose job and maintaining it over the years.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian nose Job

When it comes to celebrity plastic surgery, Kim Kardashian is a permanent resident of the Top 10 list. Kim is a good example of celebrity plastic surgery that ended up well. And her nose gets the prize for being the best plastic surgery product – the well sculpted thin bridge and a pinched tip suits her pretty face well.

Blake Lively

Blake Lively nose job

It is quite obvious that Blake Lively went under the knife to get her nose in shape and boy, has she got it right. We love the new nose Blake, it makes you prettier than ever. What went right for Blake Lively is a brilliant plastic surgeon who knows his job and the fact that she knew her limits of plastic surgery indulgence.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry nose job

Halle Berry before her nose surgery could have been passed off as just another pretty face. But thanks to a well-executed nose job, Halle found her glamour spot in Hollywood. It is undeniable that she did a good job of getting rid of that bulbous nose tip.

Cameron Diaz

cameron diaz nose job

Subtle yet significant – that is good sign of celebrity plastic surgery transformations and Cameron seems to have got it right. She settled for a little dose of Rhinoplasty and has it done wonders to her face or not? We love it absolutely.

Kelly Rowland

kelly rowland nose job

Sorry Kelly, but your natural wide nose made you look like Shrek’s wife. But congrats for getting rid of it and sporting a brand new nose. Narrower and sharper, Kelly’s new nose is an absolute stunner on her small face, giving it more length in appearance.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley tisdale nose job

So, the Disney teen-diva says that she got a nose job because of medical problems. But that’s alright, we like it – medical or not. As Ashley took the big step from Disney to Hollywood, she decided to have a plastic surgeon go nuts with her nose – and we think he did a good job.

Dianna Agron

diana agron nose job

From teen-diva to glamour queen – all she needed was a little help with her large girlish nose. Dianne looks like the beautiful woman she is, with her new nose job. It keeps her face balanced without drawing attention to the nose – as was the case before her plastic surgery.

Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest nose job

Is it age or the nose job – you may wonder. It’s both we say. Ryan seems to have become more hansome as he matures and is getting good support from that much needed nose job. His natural small dwarf nose has transformed into a sharper feature.

Marylin Monroe

marylin monroe nose job

Not sure if she had gone under the knife, but if she indeed has – we like the result. The nose job has certainly brought out the best features of this beautiful ladies face. That smile cannot be better complimented by anything other than the sharp crisp nose.

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