Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you have ever watched the TV show Beverly Hills 90210 you likely have seen the very talented, very beautiful Tori Spelling. She starred in the show in 1990 and it helped her jump start her career to a new point. A lot has happened since that time, now she is a multi-millionaire and has a whole world of people who know who she is and what she has done in her life. It is no surprise that people look up to her the way they do, how can you not respect her? There is one thing that is hotly debated among fans, and that is whether Tori Spelling plastic surgery actually happened, or if it is just a rumor.

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Tori Spelling Plastic Surgery

When fans look at her before and after photo the one side insists that she has had surgeries such as facelifts and a lip job. There is evidence supporting both of these ideas. First think about the way her lips look now as opposed to how they once did. They now appear to be much more lush and juicy, something that often happens when someone decides to get a lip job. It can also be argued that she had a facelift because of the way her face looks even though she is pushing 42 years old.

Some fans insist that it is just her natural beauty. This topic is something that has been debated for quite some time and there has never been an official answer. All you can manage to do is look at all of the different before and after photos and decide for yourself if you think Tori Spelling had plastic surgery to enhance her looks. There has been mixed reception on how people feel about her “new face”, do you think it was a good move, or did she make a mistake?

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