Uma Thurman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Uma Thurman is a 44 year old actress who has stared in many movies throughout her career. Besides her amazing acting she is also known for her striking good looks. The problem that many people seem to have is that she didn’t always look that way. Over time it seems like she had plastic surgery done so that she could change herself to match what she wanted to be. There is nothing wrong with going down this path, if it is what makes her happy that is all that matters. There are some people who have made a couple educated guesses on what kind of plastic surgery she had done based solely on the before and after photos.

Uma Thurman plastic surgery before and after photos

Uma Thurman plastic surgery

The first surgery that many people have noticed based on the photos is her nose job. It is easy to see why people believe that she had this kind of work done. Her older photos show her as having a broad nose that does not come to a point. If you look at the after photo notice that it is now narrow and pointed on the end, which is a telltale sign of plastic surgery, in particular a nose job. The speculations do not end there, people have analyzed a slew of photos, and there is another surgery that they believe Uma Thurman had.

The second surgery is Botox injections around her cheeks and eyes. The reason people believe that this filler was used is because of the way she used to have bags under her eyes along with crow’s feet. Now when you look at her pictures she looks clear and flawless. People use Botox injections to make themselves look better in a variety of different ways. Whether she actually had these procedures done is unknown, but you can look at her before and after photos and see that something is different.

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