Victoria Principal Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

It is when people start growing old and especially in the case of celebrities that the speculations of plastic surgery floats around like a wild fire and escaping from the media, fans and critics is not only difficult but impossible. Same happened with Victoria Principal as she started turning old more and more speculations regarding plastic surgery became prominent.

Has Victoria Principal Had Plastic Surgery?


She also looks prominently younger than before after her plastic surgery. Her skin still remains to be smooth and flawless and that is what is making her fans and critics wonder. So her list of various surgeries includes facelift, laser treatment, fillers and Botox injections. By her before and after pictures it is revealed that her plastic surgery look in place and not blown out of proportion. She still manages to have a natural look despite so many changes. She denies going in for any kind of surgical procedures.

However her fans and critics disapprove of her denying the fact regarding the plastic surgery since it is a fact that ‘Principle Secret’ is her own line of skin care and thus it is believed that her secret or her hideous natural looks are due to the products that she uses from her own line of skin care. So it cannot be full proofed whether she had gone in for plastic surgery or not. But on the other hand Botox injections are no longer treated to be a part of plastic surgery so as far as Botox is concerned she has never denied of not going in for it. She is not an example of bad plastic surgery at all. Given her age she looks radiant with subtle surgical procedures done at the right places without overdoing it which has not altered her face in any way.

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