Vivica Fox Plastic Surgery Before and After

Vivica Fox plastic surgery is confirmed news. The Hollywood star herself has admitted to this, probably because she is not too happy about the results and it’s there for everyone to see clearly. Vivica has come under a lot of criticism for her botched plastic surgery procedures.

The 49 year old American actress and television producer is popularly known for her performances in movies like Independence Day, Kill Bill and Soul Food. However, her plastic surgery did not attract a lot of appreciation as her acting. Vivica has undergone cosmetic surgery procedures on her face and breasts. Maximum criticism has come in for her clearly botched up breast augmentation procedure.

Did Vivica Fox have a facelift ?

Vivica Fox plastic surgery before and after photo

Vivica Fox before and afetr plastic surgery

With a large frame tall body, large boobs would have looked good on Vivica, onl if they did not have bumps and were squashed up like a pillow in tight dresses. Vivica seems  to have consulted an inexperienced plastic surgeon and now has to live with weir bulges on her bust. They look so unnatural that she had to go through a lot of unwanted public humiliation for a long time. Rumors and speculations ran high, until Fox decided to come clean and admit her mistake.

Apart from the bad boob job, Vivica has also had a nose job and lip filler injections. Fortunatley, this did not end up as bad as her boobs. She has also clearly been using Botox to smothen out her age line and sagging skin that comes as you nears the 50 year mark in your life. Star or no star – age will always have its way, unless you know how to tackle it right.

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