Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Albeit plastic surgeries are mainly a domain of the fairer sex yet it seems that the male celebs too aren’t far from it. One of the most talked about male stars to have undergone cosmetic acts is the famous singer Wayne Newton. According to eminent plastic surgeons the singer-star has taken to not one but multiple plastic surgery operations.

Has Wayne Newton had plastic surgery?

wayne newton plastic surgery before after

The most prominent thing that strikes about Wayne Newton is his oh-so-youthful appearance even at a mature age. Yes, it’s true that aging is less harsh on men than women but no man post 40 can stay as young as his early 30s. Newton’s contemporary refreshing looks clearly defies his senior age and it’s pretty evident that the singer has opted for facelift surgery or Botox injections. His forehead looks perfectly smooth and wrinkle free which is a marvel produced by Botox injections. The singer has repeatedly denied of taking to any cosmetic procedures but his stiff youthful look even at this age denies all his explanations.

Then, if you look at Newton’s brows you will be surprised to see how they still look unmoved. Men at this age are more likely to have sagging eyebrows but the singer’s unnaturally stiff brows clearly point towards a browlift surgery.

Besides, Wayne Newton is also speculated to have gone through a rhinoplasty or nose job procedure.  If you compare his previous pictures with that of the recent ones you will find stark differences in his nose now. Wayne’s previous pictures show his nose with a comparatively smaller tip than he has now- the latest pictures feature him with a crooked nose and bigger tip that can only be the result of a cosmetic nose job.

The list does not end here. The recently attained sharp jawline as flaunted by the singer is obviously the result of a skilled jawline surgery.

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