Wendy Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Wendy Williams is a famous actress and TV personality. She is known for her talk show The Wendy Williams Show. While she has always been known for her beauty, something seems to be happening to her as the years go on. Right now, Wendy Williams is 50 years old. She does not look old, but something looks a little off. The problem is she decided to have an excessive amount of plastic surgeries.

There are a couple of different reasons this seems like a great possibility. First, look at the before and after photos of the face of Wendy Williams. You can clearly see that decided to get multiple facelifts. This is evident by the fact that the upper sections of her cheeks are puffy and unnatural looking. This is the sign of too much cosmetic surgery. The problem is many people decide to get one facelift, and then decide that they need to get more to keep up their appearance. It is true; a facelift will make you look good years after your prime, but there is a price to pay for getting more than necessary.

Wendy Williams plastic surgery before and after

Wendy Williams plastic surgery

Another surgery that you can clearly see is her chin job. It looks like it was done multiple times. You can see where the edges on her chin look rough and uneven. It almost looks like there is a piece of plastic jutting from her chin. This is not the typical results of plastic surgery. The problem is people get too many, and the result is a plastic-like unnatural look. If Wendy Williams would have been more careful about when she decided to get her surgeries, the results would be a youthful look that lasts even past her 60’s. One of her cosmetic surgeries that are still holding up is her boob job. She has had no problem flaunting her stuff and showing she still has the body of a young woman at 50.

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