Adele Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Nose Job

‘Rolling in the deep’ singer, Adele is rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. Joining the celebrity bandwagon of glamorous stars, Adele seems to have started considering her looks along with her talent. Shooting to fame with tracks like ’someone like you’, Adele is now a world-renowned singer much appreciated for her soulful music. So do you think the rumors are true?

Did Adele had Surgery on her Throat ?

Let’s take a look at her before and after pictures. The rumors talk mainly about a nose job, but at first look we do not see any visible change in her facial features. Rumor mongers argue that Adele used to have a bigger and wider nose. Speculations are running high on a possible Rhinoplasty. If that is indeed true, we will have to say that it was an extremely well done job.

Adele Plastic surgery Adele Before and after photo

Adele Plastic surgery Photo

Adele seems to have undergone a nose surgery for a narrow bridge with a smaller tip. It is also believed that the cartilage was also removed to define her nose. Plastic surgeons also seem to have confirmed this. If any of this is actually true, Adele should be happy that her new nose is well suited for the rest of her facial features.

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We are happy that she did not go overboard with the plastic surgery love and ended up weird like a few other fellow musicians. Hope Adele is now satisfied with her beauty and stick to her natural looks now.

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