Ali Larker Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ali Larter is an American born actress who has appeared on quite a few television shows. The role that she is most well-known for is her characters on the hit TV show Heros. She has proven herself to be a great actress and a real contender in any upcoming shows or movies. Besides her amazing acting abilities she is also known for her great looks. Once you see pictures of her you can see why, she is absolutely stunning. It does not come as a surprise that many people believe that she went under the knife in order to achieve these good looks, even though she has never admitted to it.

Ali Larker plastic surgery before and after photos

Ali Larker plastic surgery

If you are wondering what kind of surgeries she had done take a look at these before and after photos and you can see for yourself what kind of work she had done. It would seem that she had some mild Botox shots in certain areas of her face. You can see around her cheeks and eyes that she had filler put in to get rid of her wrinkles and fine lines. It is no surprise that she had this procedure done because it is very common, especially for people in Hollywood.

Besides her Botox shots it would look like she had a lip job to increase the volume and shape of her lips. Her lips were not huge before or now, but there is a change that cannot be denied. Most stars get this kind of work done to boost their sex appeal and to appear more youthful, she has managed to do both. While plastic surgery has become a common thing in our society, you should always keep in mind that for your safety you should always look for a licensed and reputable surgeon if you are consider plastic surgery for yourself.