Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo Showing Nose Surgery

No prizes for guessing what plastic surgery has Alicia gotten herself. See that prominently different nose; it’s a clear giveaway. Looks like Alicia Keys did not like how she looked when she was younger. No doubt, the talented singer is a beautiful woman, but the nose is too hard to not notice.

Did Alicia keys have a nose job ?

33 year old American singer Alicia Augello Cook, professionally known as Alicia Keys, released her debut album with J Records. Apart from being a talented R&B singer-songwriter, Alicia is also a pianist, musician, record producer, and actress. Songs in A Minor, Alicia’s debut album paved her way to success by being a commercial hit. She has sold over 65 million  records worldwide and is a recipient of numerous award including the Grammy’s.

alicia keys before and after photo

Alicia Keys before and after plastic surgery

A comparison between Alicia’s before and after photos show a significant change in the shape of her nose. Some argue that this is a natural development as she matured. But speculations run high on a nose job too. We cannot entirely rule out the possibility of plastic surgery – Alicia’s nose is too good to be a natural.

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The young Alicia had a pudgy tipped square nose. Now, the pretty singer sports a sculpted long sharp tipped nose. This has definitely added to her beauty and looks stunning on her. Fortunately, nothing got weird in the pursuit of achieving perfection. Experts are of the opinion that it looks like a rhytidectomy – a plastic surgery procedure to reshape the nose tip.

What do you think? Did Alicia Keys go under the knife to perfect her look?

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