Allison Janney Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

A career in show business has its own share of glory & pitfalls. While on one hand it guarantees huge fame, on the other hand it begets the tremendous pressure to restore the beauty and glamour forever. No wonder a lot of middle aged stars, especially the actresses, take to plastic surgery procedures to retain the youthful aura as much as possible. One of the contemporary middle aged stars to opt for plastic surgery is Allison Janney.

Akin to most of her peers, the West Wing star has taken to a facelift procedure. As a woman tends to age, the most obvious signs of aging are reflected on her face in the form of sagging skin, wrinkles, frowns and creases. Allison Janney is 54 now but if you look at her recent photos you won’t be able to trace any sign of aging on her face. Allison’s face looks perfectly tight, with no hint of wrinkles, sagging lines, laugh lines, creases or frowns. Such a smooth tight look is never possible naturally when a person has crossed 50 and hence it can be safely concluded that Allison Janney has taken to a facelift procedure.

Allison Janney Plastic Surgery Before And After Photos

Allison Janney Plastic Surgery

Interestingly, Janney’s post plastic surgery looks have received both admiration and scorn. One section of her fans feels that she is as gorgeous as ever and that the facelift procedure has actually helped her to maintain that sexy aura even when she is at the wrong side of 50. But then, another section of her fans is of the opinion that Allison’s facelift has completely changed the way she looks.  Some of them have even compared her facelift-post face with that of skewed face of Sandra Bullock who has been highly criticized for a failed facelift. According to them, the star was not careful in picking her cosmetic surgeon who has gone overboard with the facelift procedure.

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