Aloha Taylor Breast Implants Before and After Photos

If you have watched KSWB Fox 5 out of San Diego, California you probably witnessed the bombshell Aloha Taylor.  She is the meteorologist and honestly one of the most beautiful women on the news today. Aloha Taylor was born Ku’ualoha Taylor and is a native of Hawaii. She even is credited with being the winner of Miss Hawaii USA because of her good looks and charisma. The fact is Taylor was born in 1971, so she is pushing 44 years old. If you take one look at her, you would not guess she is a day over 25. There are a number of reasons for this, and she takes exceptional care of herself, and has had a couple of noticeable plastic surgeries.

Aloha Taylor Breast Implants Before and After Photos

Aloha Taylor Breast Implants

The first, and immediately noticeable, surgery she had was a boob job. If you look at her before and after photos you can see that she had breast implants, and boy do they look great. You can tell that she went to a reputable doctor to get these done. They look full and beautifully done. This surgery is not the only cosmetic surgery she seems to have gotten throughout the years.

It would seem that she had some form of a facelift or Botox injections. Her face is flawless for her age. You will not see a single laugh line or wrinkle on her face. You typically do not see women with perfect skin past their 30’s unless they had some kind of surgery done. It does not matter if she had a boob job, facelift, or Botox injections, what does matter is she looks fantastic. She also seems very comfortable in her skin, which is a must. Overall it seems like she still has many good years left in her and everyone is looking forward to the beautiful Hawaiian native reporting the weather.

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  1. SDchic4God says

    She was way more beautiful before. Now she’s just another fake broad sell out.

  2. FakeIsReal says

    Bring on the hoo-haws!

  3. If she were truly “comfortable in her own skin,” she wouldn’t need a boob job, or any other cosmetic surgery for that matter.

    • I thought it was her body and she can do what she chooses…….? I guess as long as she doesn’t piss off other women.

  4. Her husband, a physician, got busted for taking nude photos of his patients and sharing them, and is now discraced and trying to rebuild his tattered practice in Escondido. She had to continue to be the breadwinner when he lost his license. She thought she would be retired by forty to a life of ‘well preserved trophy wife’, but instead, she had to plump those lips, enhance the cans to a ridiculously large size and get hermoneymaker back out there for one more round with the 20-somethings the other networks had upgraded to. It’s been tough.


    Here’s a link to her ex husband’husband’s crimes. Sadly, she divorced him. The single mother of a little girl is now moonlighting as a Chula Vista real estate agent to make ends meet. Times are indeed tough.

  6. Has she admitted she got a boob job, face lift or Botox injections? You wrote the article with a lot of speculation and nothing to support them. Pointless article unless there is anything to support YOUR opinions.

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