Amanda Bynes Boob Job Before and After

Amanda Bynes seems to have gotten rid of her breast implants, but the boob job rumors do not die. In fact they have become stronger. According to RadarOnline, Amanda was uncomfortable with the implants in her breasts and decided to have them out just after a few months of going under the knife for a breast augmentation.

The former child star has come under a lot of controversies, but plastic surgery seems to be the focus point in her rumor filled celebrity life, right now. Amanda Bynes boob job rumors were kickstarted by the Hollywood star herself when she flaunted her brand new bigger boobs on Twitter with a very revealing photograph that showed her wearing only a bra. Enough said, it wasn’t exactly rocket science to guess what has been stuffed into her unnaturally large breasts.

Has Amanda Bynes had plastic surgery on breast ?

Amanda Bynes before and after boob job photo

Amanda Bynes before and after boob job

But by June 2013, she wanted them out as she was no more comfortable with them. However, reports claim that she ran into some complications following the surgery to remove the implants. RadarOnline reports – “A tube got lodged in her breast and Amanda was in pain,” an insider close to Bynes revealed. “But she is much better now and even told me, ‘They look amazing without the implants!’”

However, Amanda does not seem to have learnt her lesson and is back seeking more plastic surgery to enhance her looks, just because she is not happy with way she looks. We wonder how far she is ready to go with this. It’s painful to imagine what this is doing to her body – but Amanda has forgotten to notice the long term ill –effects, we presume.

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