Amy Mathews Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Amy Mathews is a world famous actress from Australia. She stars in a soap opera titled Home and Away. She is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world. It does appear that her body seems to be a little bit more than all natural. There are certain telltale signs that Mathews went through a couple of different plastic surgeries. While none of these has been confirmed, they seem highly likely due to the evidence presented in front of us.

It would seem that she decided to get a nose job during the course of her career. Notice when she first started in the business Amy had a flat nose. As time passes, her nose seems to be rising slightly. This is evident by the before and after photos, where you can clearly see the modifications. Besides it pointing up, her nose job also made her nose slightly thinner, giving it an unnatural, yet still attractive look to her.

Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Amy Matthews Plastic Surgery

Amy Mathews looks like she may have been under the knife so that she could get a facelift. Getting a facelift is a pretty common procedure, and you can tell when this procedure has been done judging by the way their skin looks for their age. If you see someone who is pushing 40, but still has flawless, blemish free skin, you can bet that there was a facelift involved in making them look that way.

Botox shots also seem very likely when you take the fullness of Amy’s face into consideration. She has always been attractive, but the Botox shots seem to have filled her face out and Mathews appears to be in her 20s again. While she has never openly admitted to these plastic surgeries, it would only make sense that she had them because a picture is worth 1000 words, and these before and after pictures show a drastic change in the beautiful actress.

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