Ana Braga Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ana Braga is a 34 year old model from Brazil. She moved to Las Vegas in the United States so that she could change her settings and focus on the admirable task of being a pet adoption advocate. In the course of her career she has managed to land in big name magazines around the world including Playboy. It is no wonder that she has been successful as a model; she looks great especially for being in her mid-thirties.  When you take her age into consideration she looks very young and most people believe that her good looks are due to getting plastic surgery.

Ana Braga plastic surgery before and after photos

Ana Braga plastic surgery

Take a good look at the before and after photos listed above. Ana Braga has never openly admitted to getting cosmetic work done, but when you look at these photos it is hard to say that it has never happened. One of the most obvious surgeries from the photos is a simple facelift. If you look carefully at the after pictures you can see that she has no visible signs of aging such as wrinkles or age marks. Even someone in their thirties usually as some form of age marks, and she has none. Getting a facelift is more common and safe than ever before, so it would not be a surprise to find out that she had this surgery done.

You can also see a significant difference in her chin, which is usually a sign of a chin lift. If you follow the curve of her chin and cheeks on the after picture you can tell that it is tighter and following an almost flawless curve. Looks like this are not natural, no matter how beautiful she is. The only explanation for this appearance would be if she had a chin lift to help even out her chin with the rest of her face. Even though she is halfway between 30 and 40 she certainly has more time as a model in front of her