Andi Dorfman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Andi Dorfman is a former Assistant District Attorney gone TV personality. She was in the hit reality TV show “The Bachelorette” and looking stunning during the entire show. Many people believe that she had to have plastic surgery at some point in her career. She may only be 27 years old, but if you look at her before and after pictures it is clear that something is going on there.

One of the things people noticed is her face, most notably her cheeks, her eyes, and even her mouth. People tend to believe that she had both Botox shots and some form of a facelift. Her cheeks are so full and perfect that they almost do not look real. She has no signs of wrinkles showing around her eyes or mouth. Even though she is 27, there should be some age marks or wrinkles appearing on her. Dorfman’s skin appears to be flawless with or without makeup. It is rumored that she might have had a small nose job to go with everything else. A careful look at the pictures shows that her nose is slowly shirking and becoming straighter as time goes on. Cosmetic surgery would apparently make sense in this situation.

Andi Dorfman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Andi Dorfman Plastic Surgery

While the rumors are going around, it does not seem to faze Andi much. She knows that she is a beautiful woman and has a history on television. If she did not get surgery, she might just be one of the most beautiful women alive. If it turns out that she did get anything done it is likely not going to change the opinions of her fans. Between a seemingly obvious facelift, nose job, and Botox shots she will continue to grow as an actor and a person and always be known as a beautiful, talented celebrity in the world of Hollywood.

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