Angelina Jolie Breast Implants Before And After Photos

Angelina Jolie hit the headlines last year as she decided to take up a radical dual mastectomy to minimize the chances of cancer- that had been a genetic bane for her. The mastectomy operation reduced a significant part of her bust and the star thus went for a breast implant to restore the natural look of her breasts. According to reports, Lara Croft has opted for teardrop breast implants, a cutting edge in the sector of modern cosmetic surgery.

Jolie has undergone 3 breast surgeries to restore the normal look of her breasts. Along with restoring her previous busty look, the teardrop breast implant work was also meant to minimize incision lines on her body. The first one was concentrated on guarding her nipples & fortunately was pretty successful. The 2nd one performed total mastectomy where breast tissues were removed & tissue-expanders were placed. Now many women prefer to have mastectomy and implants simultaneously yet Jolie preferred to split up the two to minimize risks and pressure on her body. According to plastic surgeons, that was quite a wise decision on her part.

Angelina Jolie Breast Implants Before and After Photo

Angelina Jolie Breast Implants

Post the mastectomy work, tissue-expanders were gradually packed with saline that helped to make adequate space for new implants. Once enough space is created, Jolie’s surgeons induced the new implants into her bust – donor skin was requested to hold implants in proper place. The tissue helped to create an underneath sling below the implant that was great is rendering additional support to her boobs as well as the best possible natural appearance.

Jolie went under severe depression after her mastectomy and the new teardrop implant really helped to liven up her spirits once again with a fuller body feel. She has been very careful in choosing her plastic surgeons and looking at her now it seems that they have performed a fantastic work on her.

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