Angelina Jolie Plastic Surgery Before and After

She is one of the most enviable women on this planet – what with that face and Brad Pitt for a boyfriend. Women go under the knife to get a perfect pout like her. Turns out this gorgeous star has joined them too. Angelina Jolie plastic surgery rumors are no breaking news – they have been around for a long time now. However, her fans are still a little cynical about the whole thing.

38 year old Angelina Jolie, as you all know, is an American actress, film director, screenwriter, and author with an Academy Award, 2 Screen Actors Guild Award and 3 Golden Globe Awards. She has been consistently holding on to the position of “Hollywoods Top paid actress” from 2009 – 2013. Apart from her acting career, she noted for her contribution to humanitarian cause. She has even adopted 3 children in addition to her 3 children with Brad.

Has Angelina Jolie had plastic surgery ?

Angelina Jolie before and after photo

Angelina Jolie before and after plastic surgery

Media has dubbed Angelina as the “most beautiful woman” from time to time. Indeed, she is from the inside as well as out. But according to the rumours, which has never acknowledged, some of the credit for her outer beauty goes to plastic surgery. The prime suspect in Angelina Jolie plastic surgery case is a nose job, which is quite evident from the change in shape of her nose from before and after pix. If rumors to be believed, Angelina jolie has had breast removed, chin surgery, breast implants, lip job and jaw surgery.

Angelina is just 2 years short of joining the 40 year old’s club and definitely it is time for some anti-ageing plans. Celebrity gossipers sternly believes that Jolie smooth forehead is the result of regular Botox injections.

Another crazy rumor that even we would like to call rubbish is that Angelina Jolie has got her lips pumped with fillers. Now that is an over-the-top accusation. If nothing, Angelina lips are themselves like an icon – she is best known for that pout, which millions of women dream for. As for the nose job, we are willing to look for proof. Are you?

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