Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Anna Gunn, also known as Skyler White from Breaking Bad is a beautiful actress. There are rumors that she received multiple plastic surgeries between the seasons 2 and 4 of the hit TV show. The first alleged Anna Gunn Plastic surgery that was noticed was a nose job between season 2 and 3. It appears between the two episodes that her nose became thinner, which is usually caused by getting a nose job. Many fans of the TV show pointed this out while they were binge watching all of the episodes.

The other surgery that seems likely is a facelift or two. Between season three and four she appears to have a much tighter, refined face. She almost appeared to be made of plastic as Breaking Bad continued through the years. It is questionable whether she got the procedure or not. The star actively denies ever getting any plastic surgery, but when you look at the two pictures side by side, it is kind of hard to not notice the telltale signs of cosmetic surgery.

Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Anna Gunn Plastic Surgery

The final procedure that she appears to have done is Botox shots. The reason these appear to be used is due to the fuller face and lips that she seemed to have as the show went on. These allegations were also denied by Gunn. It can seem pretty obvious to some people while others are still tending to argue whether she even had the Botox shots. If she never comes out and tells us, we will never know. We can always speculate off of revealing before and after photos, and it is clear that something is different.  Gunn appears to be still as beautiful as ever, it  would seem like it would be more beneficial to admit the surgeries than spend her time denying it every time she gets asked in an interview, if she even had them done.

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