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The Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma’s video preview in Karan Johar’s hit chat show ‘Koffee With Karan’ has ignited rumors of Anushka Sharma Lip Job disaster. Visuals clearly shows that something is definitely done on her lips. As per social media response, it is very clear that anushka’s fans are not happy with the move and every single person is giving it a tag of “Disaster“.

It’s quite interesting to see Bollywood actress following the footsteps of Hollywood stars. However, Anushka Sharma’s spokesperson has denied the rumors  But, it is definitely hard to digest for fans.

So, we are leaving our audience with Anushka Sharma Lip Job Photos, Anushka Lip Job Video and some famous tweets and reactions from social media :

Anushka Sharma Bad Lip Job Plastic Surgery Photos –

ansuhka sharma before and after


ansuhka plastic surgery pic


ansuhka sharma lip job 2014


ansuhka sharma lip job before and after 2013-2014


ansuhka sharma lip job koffe with karan 2014


ansuhka sharma lip job plastic surgery new 2014 photo


ansuhka sharma plastic surgery lip job


Anushka Sharma Lip Job Videos

Anushka Sharma Lip Job Tweets –

Twitter Reaction –

@latasrinivasan: no wonder she was trying to act all coy on #koffeewithkaran eeeks

@yogendralalwani: These lips lie. “What did Anushka Sharma do to her lips?”

@Beingrameez1: Hit by Virat kohli’s Bat? What did Anushka Sharma do to her lips?”

@ravi4bgh: after nose now lips.she was stunning with her natural beauty but now thumps down.

@VarunMahajn: Depressing. Disappointing. Ugly. “@htShowbiz: What did Anushka Sharma do to her lips?”

@panku: @imVkohli Knife to the heart.

p @DeliriousPixie: What happened to Anushka Sharma’s lips ? 😮 haw. Why do young people make it a point to ruin their faces, intentionally? Beyond me.

Gappistan Radio @GappistanRadio: Anushka Sharma used to look so beautiful.. What has she done to herself? Ugliest woman in India today?

AkKI BOSS @akshaytak5: Has Anushka Sharma got a lip fix?

Gaurav @taklooman: Plastic cannot be recycled. It is hazardous waste. It causes long term damage. e.g. Anushka Sharma’s new face.

RAW Agent @Karann_Kapoor: Anushka Sharma looks horrible after her lip surgery Why did she even go for it in the first place

@VJathanna: @htShowbiz @htTweets MAY BE VIRAT DID SOMETHING….!!!! @lionel10034882: didnt she achieve sucess with her natural body parts….then why being unnatural

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