Ariel Winter Breast Reduction Before and After Photos

One of the most “modern” celebrities to undergo plastic surgery is Ariel Winter. This young actress who rose to fame as the character of Alex Dunphy on the hit sitcom Modern Family grew up in front of millions of people. Not only did Ariel’s character develop on the screen, Ariel, herself was developing into a young woman. Though she was very young when the show aired and had only done minor roles prior, she is now a well-known actress in Hollywood, starring in Disney’s Sofia the First, Bambi II and Ice Age: The Meltdown.

On the set of “Modern Family”, Ariel interacted with super-stars such as Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Sofia Vergara, a woman she admits to admire. At first Ariel struggled as the world of social media exploded and everyone had something to say about her looks and figure, which were naturally changing throughout the years. She remembers developing curves at a very young age, and not knowing how to properly find the appropriate fitting clothes. This was when her co-star, the beautiful Sofia Vergara stepped in and told her to embrace her body, and to never be ashamed of herself.


Ariel Winter Breast Reduction

Still, Ariel struggled as she became more famous and her pictures were constantly blasted on the magazines with harshly worded criticism. In June of 2015, Ariel took matters into her own hands and decided to undergo breast reduction surgery. She was not yet 18, when she went from a 32F to a 34D, a surgery she has since talked openly about.

The young starlet said that this was the right decision for her not only psychologically, but physically as well, as she is only about 5’’ tall and the large breast would hurt her back. Though 34D is not considered small, that is what Ariel wanted and that is what she was/is comfortable with.

In the years since the surgery it has become obvious how Ariel has become comfortable with her body and the image she portrays. She is constantly uploading pictures of herself in a bikini, showing off her beautiful curves. Her confidence is exuding, making her all the more beautiful. If she is not at the beach, she is hitting the red carpet with style. Wearing top designer dresses, revealing not only her body, but her true self, a woman that she has become and that she is proud to be.

Even though she gets criticized on a daily basis, whether for her not dressing age appropriately, or not being a proper role model, or getting overdressed for an event where her cast-members are wearing jeans, while Ariel is in a dazzling dress, she does not stop smiling. She is happy, confident and on top of her game.

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