Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Jaw Surgery & Nose Job

Oh no! Him too? – I can hear most of you saying that out loud now. Yeah! Him too – the handsome Ashton Kutcher has also given plastic surgery a try. Not much, just a little; but significant enough. So what did he change – just his large bulbous nose and nothing else. But that’s all we need to put him up on our list of celebrity plastic surgery. Thank god, we don’t have to put him on the list of plastic surgery disasters – Yet!

Has Ashton Kutcher Had a Nose Job ?

36 year old American actor, producer and former model is well known for his performance in the sitcom That 70’s Show. He showed off his brilliant acting skills in some of the best movies in the recent past like JobsDude, Where’s My Car?Just MarriedThe Butterfly EffectThe Guardian, and What Happens in Vegas. It’s hard to believe that Ashton had to go under the knife to change something on his face – it sounds absolutely unnecessary. Nevertheless, it has been done and is it better for him now. Take a look at his before and after pix and decide yourself.

Ashton Kutcher before and after photo

Ashton Kutcher before and after plastic surgery

The nose surgery rumor is still highly debatable. With one section of celebrity watchers insisting that he had his nose reshaped to be narrower that his masculine natural nose. While other, including experts like celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif have their doubts. It is also opined that if Ashton has indeed had plastic surgery, then he has pulled it off without leaving any tell-tale signs. We agree too, Ashton seems to have had the services of an extremely neat plastic surgeon who has done his job well.

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