Axl Rose Plastic Surgey Before and After Photo

Guns’n’Roses rocker Axl Rose, has either aged weirdly or has got a bad plastic surgery job done. He had it all – the fans, the fame and the face. And then he decided to disappear from the entertainment industry for a while and came back with a brand new face – which most of his fans were not happy about. He was almost unrecognizable. Take a look at his before and after photos. You will wonder whether those are two different people. One does not change to that extend as age sets in. We can only assume that there are some unnatural forces at play here.

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Axl Rose before and after photo

Axl Rose Plastic Surgery photo

So what does the celebrity watchers and plastic surgery expert suspect?  – Botox, chemical peels, facial fillers, cheek implants or fat grafting, facelifts and a probable nose job. You can see that his cheeks are plumper than before and the skin is smooth and shiny. Also, his cheeks look a little higher than before, so does his eyes look stretched up. This could be due to a eyelid surgery.

Axl was never available for comments regarding these rumours. But a friend, Sebastian Bach insists that Axl is all natural. Natural ageing changes or unnatural help from the plastic surgeon, Axl looks worse than ever. Looks like he lost his charm on the plastic surgeons table.

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