Barbie Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you have ever been on the internet, which obviously you are, you likely know who the real life Barbie girl is. She decided that she wanted to change the way she looked so that she could look like the typical Barbie doll. There has been mixed feedback due to her getting all of the plastic surgeries needed to make this possible. Others think that she is very sexy and should be proud of the work she had done. Here are some before and after photos so that you can see just how much work went into giving her a new look.

Barbie plastic surgery before and after photos

Barbie plastic surgery

When you look at these photos you can see that she had a ton of work done, but which ones stick out the most? Well for starters the number of different facelift procedures she had to get were probably stunning. You can tell that she had a facelift done frequently to give her face the smooth plastic like appearance that it has right now. It is around this point when the controversy kicks up. Some people say the look she has is sexy, while it might not be typical. Others say she should be ashamed of mutilating her face like that. The truth is everyone is going to have their opinions.

The surgeries do not end there. She also had a few tummy tucks done so that her waistline and stomach area would be small and tight, just like the Barbie toy.  It is not unusual for a woman to get a tummy tuck because they were not happy with how they looked due to pregnancy or gaining weight. It is strange to hear that someone might want to get this done so that they could resemble a toy, but at the end of the day if she happy with her plastic surgery that is all that matters.

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