Barry Manilow Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift and Nose Job

Barry Manilow is not your average 70 year old grandpa. In fact, he hasn’t been introduced to the facial ‘sags and bags’ yet – thanks to plastic surgery! Over his sprawling career, Barry made the common man sing to his famous jingles for McDonald’s and Dr. Pepper. The singer/songwriter also produced and wrote songs for many musicals and movies too. Numerous studio and live albums, compilations, singles and soundtracks followed his first hit in the 70’s. Barry has been honored with a slew of prestigious awards including the Grammy’s, Emmy, a special Tony and also found a place in the songwriter’s hall of fame. Barry Manilow had a stroke news was a recently very much talked about. For a man with so much to be famous for, nature’s dirty tricks like ‘ageing’ is understandably a nuisance. No wonder, he decided to slow down that process.

Has Barry Manilow Had a Facelift or a Nose Job ?

Barry Manilow plastic surgery Barry Manilow before and after photo

Barry Manilow plastic surgery photo

Well, initially he tried a lot to hide his little outing with plastic surgery – but in vain. It was soon quiet too obvious – the man does not seem to have aged since the 90’s! But what did the expert celebrity watchers detect from Barry’s before and after photos? A facelift is no brainer here – just take a look at that flawless no sags face. Don’t you think he had Botox to help out too? Rumors are also up about a possible eyelid lift surgery – oh! So that explains the ‘absent’ droopy old man eyes.

In 2003, according to a local newspaper, Barry was spotted leaving a plastic surgeon’s clinic in Beverly Hills. He was photographed with a while wig, chin wrap and sunglasses – more evidence! He might have possibly gotten both an upper and lower facelift – at least a mini face-lift is cent percent probability. The Botox seems to be responsible for his puffy shiny cheeks.

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