Beth Behrs Plastic Surgery Rumors – Possible Nose Job?

I bet you know Beth Behrs from the hit TV show 2 Broke Girls, which costars Kat Dennings. She is the cute ditzy blonde who always manages to help get the two into some pretty outrageous situation.  Beth is also known for appearing in the spinoff of American Pie series, The Book of Love.  She was always a gorgeous looking girl, then and now. It is unknown as to whether plastic surgery played a role in her looks.  However, when you look at these Beth Behrs plastic surgery before and after photos you can’t rule it out. One part her face looks noticeably different than the rest of her face, and that is her nose.

The Science of a Nose Job

If you are unsure of how a nose job actually works, do not fret. Essentially the surgeon will listen to the ideas of the person who wants to give the person the surgery, offer some professional tweaks and advice, then the surgery is scheduled. The surgeon will go in and adjust the nose in numerous ways in order to help make the patient’s nose fit their idea of perfect – or as close to it as possible. The surgeons will often cut small pieces out, stretch the skin, or possibly even use fillers to add volume or reshape the existing cartilage. After the healing it is hard to tell whether someone has this procedure or not, unless you examine their photos carefully.

Beth Behrs plastic surgery nose job before and after photos

Beth Behrs plastic surgery nose job

Possible Evidence

When you look at these photos of Beth Behrs some things stick out in particular. The first thing you need to look at is the bridge of the nose. You can clearly see how the bridge in the before picture is slightly bumpy. It appears much more even in the after picture, the surgeon possibly made this fix. You can also see that her nose appears to be much more narrow than it was in previous years. There is always the chance that this was a trait that she was not a fan of, and opted to get it fixed. When you look at the Beth Behrs plastic surgery before and after photos can you tell that she might have received a nose job in the past?