Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Brad Pitt and plastic surgery? – It is quite impossible to believe that one of the most handsome actors in the world has gone under the knife to enhance his beauty. Unbelievable, of course and there are no proofs either. But that does not stop rumors to spread around – most of them based on careful scrutiny of his past and present looks.

So what do the rumors say? Mostly it is suggested that Brad might have fad filler injections, ear re-shaping surgery and eyelid lifting surgery. The fillers were possibly used on his face – forehead and cheeks. This assumption is backed by his young look which does not correspond to his age. We do not see a lot of wrinkles and his forehead and cheeks look much tighter. This could be the result of good cosmetic care too, but there is always room for doubt in the case of celebrities.

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Brad Pitt Before and After photo

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery photo

Another rumor assumes that he has had ear surgery to reshape his pointed feature in to something that compliments his handsome face. The eyelid surgery was possibly done to lift the sagging under-eye skin. This definitely helps Brad look a lot younger than his actual years.

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However, Brad should be happy to have left everyone just speculating and not to have given away strong clues if he had been under the knife. Looks like his plastic surgeon did a clean job of it. These measures must be absolutely necessary to the popular actor, especially since he need to stand-up to his gorgeous wife and his fans.

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