Bristol Palin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Bristol Palin is the daughter of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin and well known public speaker. She has been admired for her beauty when she is speaking, and even when she is just out in public. Many people are speculating that she had cosmetic surgery done to improve her already great looks. After looking at her before and after photos it is hard to deny that something was not done to improve her looks. Just based on how different she looks from now to then there have been at least two cosmetic surgeries for Bristol Palin.

Bristol Palin plastic surgery before and after photos

Bristol Palin plastic surgery

The first surgery that everyone notices right off the bat is her lip job. In her older pictures she had thin, but still attractive lips and that has changed. Now her lips seem to be much fuller and attractive, perfect for getting people to listen to her public speaking events. There is nothing wrong with getting cosmetic surgery, and it is obvious that it can do a lot, even a simple lip job fundamentally changed the way she looks. That is not the only work she had done however. You can see from her photos that something else has changed on a massive level over the past few years or so.

The surgery being referred to is her neck lift. Granted she is only 26 years old, that does not stop the body from aging. If she had sagging skin around her chin and neck that was bothering her there is a good chance she had a neck lift to keep her face and neck looking tight and beautiful. Even though she is only going to be getting older, guys are going to be looking out for her for at least the next 30 years. She is a beautiful woman who still has a long life of fame ahead of her.

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