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We all know the controversies that surround Britney Spears – not to add fuel to the fire, but it’s no secret that Britney has had plastic surgery – especially, when the star herself had admitted to it several times.

Britney has been surrounded by numerous rumors throughout the different phases of her troubled career – it is impossible to list down every single plastic surgery accusation made at her. The 32 year old rose to fame at a very young age and endured the bad effects of being exposed to the celeb world at an immature age. Thankfully, quite a few of her plastic surgery experiments turned out to be blessings, rather than disasters – of course, they changed her looks, but at least she still looks good!

Britney Spears first time under the knife has been for a nose job earlier in her career. This Rhinoplasty has been much talked about and debated by the gossip media. Her wide and round nose has definitely been refined to a much more elegant shape with the help of plastic surgery. Later, she went on to pinch up the tip a little further – but its still under control and not weird at all.

britney spears before and after photo

Britney Spears before and after plastic surgery

The controversy started with Britney’s breast implant rumors making the rounds among celeb watchers and gossipers. While she was still in her teens, Britney showed up with a set of visibly larger breasts. She always made fun of the boob job rumors and denied them publically. However, the photos suggest a different story. Later it was reported that she got implants removed  as she matured and became pregnant.

Now, with age threatening to take away that fresh faced look from her, Britney is also believed to have sought help from filler injections and Botox. Suspect areas – lips, cheeks and forehead. It is also possible that Britney went for liposuction to lose that post-baby flab. She regained her body shape too quickly after giving birth.

Rumors are part and parcel of this divas life. We can only confirm her lip filler injections, as Britnet herself has admitted to it publically. The rest is up for speculation.

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