Bruce Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos


Bruce Campbell AKA Ash is one of the most iconic characters of The Evil Dead movies, second only to his trusty Boomstick. Campbell has managed to make quite the career for himself over the years. Recently he is revisiting his old stomping grounds in the Starz TV show Ash vs. Evil Dead. This time however, he is bringing some new friends along such as Lucy Lawless and Ray Santiago. The show started on October 31st, which is a great end to the month of horror. The show is currently in its first season and is receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. However, since he is returning as Ash many people have begun to notice certain physical changes in Bruce, particularly around his face. The Bruce Campbell plastic surgery rumors are actually justified, particularly if you take a gander at his before and after photos.

Bruce Campbell Plastic Surgery Procedure Rumors

Bruce might be the only person in history who has a chin that becomes more chiseled as he ages, or more likely than not – there was some plastic surgery, namely a chin job, involved. Bruce’s chin was always a trademark, but would you take a look at it now. Now it looks more defined and larger than ever.  Chances are he knew how iconic his chin was to his appearance, so he figured one of the best ways to change his looks for the better would be with a chin job.  The crazy part? He was 100% right.


Bruce Campbell Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Bruce Campbell Plastic Surgery

Botox Shots or Facelift?

The other noticeable change to his face that has the Bruce Campbell plastic surgery speculators looking closely is around his eyes and mouth. You can clearly see how tight the skin is there, something that is extraordinarily uncommon for a 57 year old man. It is plain as day to see that there was some kind of surgical manipulation there to give him that youthful and tight skinned face. It was likely something noninvasive like Botox shots. The reason it seems to be something mild is simple. The changes are not all around his face like if he had a full blow facelift. Did Bruce Campbell have plastic surgery? The world may never know for sure, but it would seem that these before and after photos have something to say.