Bruce Jenner Face Uplift Before And After Photos

A nip here and tuck there has been really common with Hollywood damsels today, young and old alike. But do you know that male celebs too have joined up the line steadily and a great lot of male superstars are taking to cosmetic consultation. Among the male stars taking to plastic surgery, one of the most talked about is Bruce Jenner. In fact, Jenner had had been the subject of media taunt for years given his infamous facelift. The post here talks about the facelift procedure taken up by Kim Kardashian’s father.

Has Bruce Jenner undergone Face-Uplift?- Bruce Jenner Face Uplift Before and After Photos


It should be stressed here that Bruce had his first facelift long back in the 1980s, post his gold win at the 1976 Olympics. Kim recently claimed  on her blog that Bruce was actually wrongfully advised by his doctor to take up a facelift and nose job in his early days. He had once said that he was passing through an extremely rough phase when he got the surgery. Unfortunately, facelift at such a young age took a toll on his face, leaving him with a botched weird expression, drawing in harsh criticism from the media. It must be noted here that unlike many of the other stars taking to plastic surgery, Bruce had never kept his facelift a secret, even when he was so dissatisfied with the result.

Then, Jenner had a second facelift as well. It was around 2009 when he had his 2nd facelift and according to Kim, he did that to correct up the earlier botched procedure. Kim was all ga-ga on her blog while talking about her dad’s second facelift procedure after years. In fact, Bruce too has expressed great satisfaction after his second surgery. However, Bruce was completely hush-hush about the 2nd facelift earlier. But then again, he admitted the surgical procedure in public in the famous Kardashian family reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

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