Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

While plastic surgery has given quite a number of celebrities a good boost to their career, nevertheless it has also equally destroyed natural appearances of actors and actresses, along with their careers. One example of plastic surgery gone really bad is Burt Reynolds. Born in 1936, Burt Reynolds had the reputation of being one of the most gorgeous men on screen, during his time.

Has Burt Reynolds Had Plastic Surgery?


There are quite a number of pictures of him available online, which showcases a striking difference in his before and after appearances, particularly around her eyes. This visible changes has left his critics and fan wondering, whether he has gone under the blade to tweak him looks and end up being one of the worst examples of plastic surgery.

The actor officially confirmed that he has never gone under the blade to get a face lift. If he would have ever done so, he would have definitely come clean about it. The secret behind his smooth skin are his good genes which he has inherited from his father.

The actor might not be too vocal about his surgeries, but the fact is that his face has less wrinkles now, than that he had in the seventies, and the facelift seems a tad too obvious. Although there is no confirmation from any source, however, the pictures are more than enough to shed light on the dilemma.

According to his pictures his face looks all stretched and his forehead and area around his eyes look smooth as porcelain. Not only does he look scary, but also a bit weird to be precise. Although this might not be as bad as Michael Jackson, nevertheless, it is quite bad as well. The star looks plastic completely and doesn’t even look naturally human.

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