Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job and Breast Implants

Isn’t it apparent? – Cameron Diaz has had plastic surgery, several times. Her face, nose, breasts, everything has gone under the knife for a make-over. No matter how hard she tries to hide it, the signs are there for all to see. Diaz did admit to have had surgery on her nose, but blamed it on a deviated septum and breathing problems. But we think there are more than just some made up medical reasons for her decision to say yes to Rhinoplasty. If you remember, Ashley Tisdale and Jennifer Aniston have also taken the cover of a deviated spectrum to justify their nose jobs. Now, isn’t that too much of a coincidence?

Has Cameron Diaz Had a Nose Job or Botox or Breast Implants ?

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery Cameron Diaz before and after photo

Cameron Diaz plastic surgery photo

Apparently, Cameron has had her nose altered four separate times. Along with this nose job, she has had breast implants to shape up a little. It is pretty evident from her before and after photos, that her ‘almost absent’ breasts have been given a boost with some help from plastic surgery. Fillers are also suspected on the actress’s cheeks, which has been polished off with Botox or probably laser treatments. There have been counter arguments about weight gain being the contributor to her plum cheeks and larger boobs – this could be the case too. But then from her pictures, we don’t see a lot of difference in weight.

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Cameron seems to have taken a wrong step and stumbled over the Botox – out of all the treatments and surgeries, she messes up the most easiest and minimal procedure. She seems to have gotten carried away with it and you know what excess Botox can do. Stretched out thin a little too much and slimy shiny most of the time, Cameron’s face bears the brunt of Botox overdose.

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