Carlos Mencia Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Carlos Mencia is a stand-up comedian who is famous for his hit TV show on Comedy Central. He is also well known for his fast vulgar humor and even stealing jokes from other comedians. There has always been a lot of controversy over him no matter what he was doing. As of lately he is making a break back into the comedy world, with some big changes to his face an figure.

When you take a look at Carlos Mencia plastic surgery immediately comes to mind. He used to be overweight and now he is bone skinny. The transformation seemed to happen rather quickly. An assumption has been made that he opted to get tummy tuck in combination with some form of weight loss surgery. If you look at his before and after photos you can see that he not just lost weight, but he also appears tight like he has been that way his entire life. If you are a fan of his work or even ever seen him you know that is not the case.

carlos mencia plastic surgery before and after photos

carlos mencia plastic surgery

The second surgery that seems rather obvious is a facelift. The reason a facelift seems like such an obvious option is the fact that his face is now pulled tight to his skin. It does not look like he just lost weight in his face, it looks changed. It would appear that he had a good plastic surgeon because the same with his weight, it looks like he has been that way his entire life.

Regardless of what surgeries Carlos Mencia had, Facelift, tummy tuck, or more he sure does look great. It only goes to show that there are surgeons out there who can completely change the way someone looks. It is a good thing too, you should be able to look however you want and Mr. Mencia proved that anything is possible.

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