Carrot Top Plastic surgery Before and After Photo

Did Carrot top go under the knife for ‘that’ face? Sadly, yes! Scott Thompson may have become Carrot Top because of that shock of bright red hair he flaunts. But looks like Mr. Thompson did not want to stop the weirdities there. So off he goes to the plastic surgeon and comes back with a brand new face that puts him right on top of plastic surgery disasters.

So what did Carrot Top do with his face and what did he look like, before he went under the knife? Well, take a look at his before and after photos. The first thing you notice is the razor sharp eyebrows that point upwards. And of course, he has gotten rid of that long skinny face. Does he deny it? No, but he hasn’t admitted to any surgical or non-invasive procedures either.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery

The popular opinion revolves around Botox, Rhinoplasty and laser resurfacing. But experts also point out the chances for surgical alterations to his lips, jaws and cheeks. Another much debated issue is Carrot Top’s excessive use of steroids. This could have also made considerable contributions to the change in his appearance. Nonetheless, every attempt seems to have gone wrong and has brought Carrot Top closer to being a victim of bad plastic surgery.

Okay, we like the skinny to strong transformation Carrot Top, but looks like you got a little too carried away with the face redesign. Maybe it is for the good – those dramatic eyebrows and frozen surprise on you face does go well with your reputation for being one the most entertaining personality we have ever known. Just make sure that you don’t go from ‘Carrot Top’ to ‘Cartoon face’.

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