Ashton Kutcher Plastic Surgery Before and After Jaw Surgery & Nose Job

Oh no! Him too? – I can hear most of you saying that out loud now. Yeah! Him too – the handsome Ashton Kutcher has also given plastic surgery a try. Not much, just a little; but significant enough. So what did he change – just his large bulbous nose and nothing else. But that’s […]

Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job Photo

Ryan Gosling is probably the most admired actor in Hollywood. If you go by his fans, he is totally drool-worthy. His looks have been lusted after to such an extent where memes and posters have been made to represent his attractiveness. The Canadian actor is an influential heart rob among the young women across the […]

Steve Martin Plastic Surgery Before and After Showing Facelift & Botox

Hollywood loves plastic surgery – Young and old stars alike.  Pink Panther star and ace comedian, Steve Martin has also joined the celebrity plastic surgery club. It is easy to detect plastic surgery among the elder star. Usually the smooth wrinkle free youthful skin becomes the perfect give-away. This is exactly what happened in Steve Martin’s […]

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Between Godfather 3 and now, Al Pacino has played similar characters throughout his career and slowly transformed from an Italian mafia head to almost a plastic surgery disaster. Looks like age made him ‘an offer he couldn’t refuse.’ In  an attempt to gain back his youthful charm, Al Pacino seems to have had tried quite […]