Lark Voorhies Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

‘Saved by Bell’ star Lark Voorhies is strongly rumored to have undergone plastic surgery. There is a counter attack to this rumor with fans blaming it on her age for the difference in her looks. We aren’t really sure either. But how much can age do to one’s face, so as to mess it up […]

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

The Kardashians are no strangers to controversy and it is only quite normal that they are dragged into plastic surgery rumors. Kim Kardashian has been wowing the whole world with her body for quite some time now. It is only natural to speculate her decision to go under the knife to keep that beauty intact. […]

Park Min Young Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Did Park Min Young really undergo Plastic surgery? – Tough to believe if you have seen only her recent photographs. A look back into the past will reveal a different story all together. South Korean celebrities are no strangers to beauty enhancement surgeries and procedures. Park seems to have gone under the Knife and come […]

Geena Davis Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Geena Davis has been under the attack of multiple Plastic Surgery rumors recently. Apparently her ‘ageless’ skin seems to have sparked off these speculations. 57 year old Geena looks every bit like someone in their 30s with flawless smooth skin without any trace of wrinkles or sagging. She has never confirmed her involvement with cosmetic […]