Raica Oliveira Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Racica Oliveira is a famous model from Brazil who has managed to work with every big name modeling company around the world. Some of her most famous clients include Dolce and Gabbana, Victoria’s Secret, and Vogue. She is loved by everyone in the modeling industry for her strong personality and absolutely stunning looks. When you […]

Mercedes Edison Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Mercedes Edison is a beautiful model who is famous for her shoots in big name tattoo magazines. She is well known and has made a significant impact on the modeling scene in the few years that she had been around. Because of her popularity there is also some critics who have nothing good to say. […]

Farrah Holt Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Farrah Holt is one of the most interesting models out there. When you look at her modeling photos you would get the idea that she has a real “girl next door” look. The question comes up as to whether she had plastic surgery or not. If you did not carefully examine her photos you would […]

Shelley Golden Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Shelley Golden is a world famous model and actress who is starting to make a big name for herself in just a few short years. She is undeniably one of the most beautiful women on the planet, but she didn’t always look that way. When you look at her before and after photos you can […]