Lis Wiehl Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Lis Wiehl, American Author and legal analyst for Fox News, is obviously a beautiful woman. If you knew nothing about her and just had before and after photos to look at you would think that Lis Wiehl is maybe in her late 20’s. The fact of the matter is she is 53. Did she find […]

Kim Christiansen Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kim Christiansen is a Colorado native news anchor. She spent most of her life striving to be a successful journalist. In her years as a news anchor, she went beyond the call of duty and proved herself to be a success on the camera, and with her reporting. Kim Christiansen went on to win four […]

Justin Jedlica Surgeries: Man Who Had 140 Plastic Surgery Procedures in 15 years

Justin Jedlica is not a celebrity who is addicted to plastic surgery, but a plastic surgery addict who became a celebrity for his doll-like appearance. Such is his craze for perfection that Justin has had over 140 plastic surgery procedures in the last 15 years of his life. Brought up in a strict Christian home, […]

Tony Sheldon Spent $100,000 to Look alike Justin Beiber

Believe it or not – it’s the latest trend fast catching up with the celebrity fanatics. There are enough crazy people in the world to pay big bucks to look like her favorite celebrity – says plastic surgery experts and researchers. New York Post recently ran an in-depth report on the upcoming but bizarre trend. […]