Micaela Schäfer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Micaela Schäfer is a German born actress, model, singer, and TV personality. She has one of the most varied job sets in the business and she manages to pull each one off quite well. It is amazing to see someone who is so beautiful and capable of doing so much with their life with just […]

Robbie Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Robbie Williams is an English born singer and songwriter. He has had a huge amount of success in his career since her started. Since the start he has managed to work in a combination of bands as well as a solo artist. The fact that he can be successful in a group and by himself […]

Tulisa Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Tulisa is a world famous singer, television personality, and actress. The England native born star might only be 26 years old, but it is very obvious that she had some plastic surgery done in her life to help enhance her looks. If you take a glance at her before and after photos you will notice […]

Victoria Beckham Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Victoria Beckham is the wife of David Beckham, but this United Kingdom born woman is known for much more than that. She is a singer, entreprenuer, and model who is still very much active in the world she lives in and is known by many people. Her fans that have been following her since the […]