Whitney Houston Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Whitney Houston’s recent death sparked quite a few rumors and suggestions about the diva’s suspected involvement with plastic surgery. 9 revelations in the coroner’s report are cited as the solid evidence for these claims. So did Whitney undergo plastic surgery in her considerably short life? Just weeks before the diva said her goodbyes to the […]

Olivia Newton John Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Olivia Newton John, the 64 year old English-born Australian singer is rumored to have pumped up her face with a little help form plastic surgery. The speculations were sparked off by her unnaturally clear face that seemed a little too young for a 60 plus woman. Possible use of fillers and Botox treatments seem to have […]

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Like most other celebrities, Fergie has always denied her involvement with plastic surgery procedures. However, a momentary glance at her past and present photos would tell a different story all together. When she started out as a voice over artist in the 80s, she did not have those arched eyebrows or narrow nose. We are […]

Sophie Monk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Sophie Monk is one celebrity who has admitted to have undergone plastic surgery and also to have regretted it. The 33 year old singer who dated a plastic surgeon once, has gone under the knife for several procedures on her body and face. Some of them have been a boon to this celebrity, but mostly […]