Caitlyn Jenner Plastic Surgery Procedures : The Consequences

At this point everyone is well aware of Caitlyn Jenner, formally Bruce Jenner, and her decision to live her life as a female after 60 plus years of physically being a man.  She stated that the reason she made such a drastic transformation was in part due to the fact that she has always felt […]

Boris Becker Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Boris Becker is a German born world class tennis player. He has participated in many different events and is known for being one of the best players in the game. He was also the youngest champion, winning when he was only 17 years old. He is now 47 years old and not much has changed […]

JJ Watt is Considering Plastic Surgery

JJ Watt is an American football defense end for the Houston Texans. He has been a football player for a few years, and even though he is 26 years old he has taken some serious damage. He is known for his amazing blocking abilities and the fact that he can stop any runner in the […]

Rene Higuta Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Rene Higuta is a retired Columbian football player. He has a long career full of many interesting moves. He is a goaltender, but he often took the risk to leave the net to get the ball and even dribble. He is known for his hard kicks and lightning fast reflexes.  One of his other trademarks […]