Top 10 Celebrity Cosmetic Dental Surgery Before and After Photos

Nose job, boob job, facelifts, eyebrow lifts – plastic surgery can almost alter you whole body. Cosmetic dentistry is plastic surgery for your teeth. Celebrities cannot afford to look bad in anyway. Being under the limelight constantly, it is important for our stars to have a winning smile. Crooked or uneven teeth can spoil everything […]

Celebrities Butt Implants Gone Wrong – List

Plastic surgery can do a lot of thing to make you perfect – on your own terms. These include oce considered taboo procedures like butt implants. Why would someone want a protruding butt, you may ask? Well, that’s how beauty works in today’s world of glamour. Celebrities splash around cash to look best from all […]

List of Celebrities Who Had Worst Lip Job

You must have heard of the trout pout and you know it’s not a good sight. Celebrities who have gone overboard with their lip filler addiction are sure to sport a swelled up distorted lips. Bee-stung looks are okay, but when your lips look like they are going to blowing up – you have reason […]

Top 10 Best Breast Implants of Celebrities

Flat chested? – Nope, that doesn’t work in the glamour world. Probably that’s whay a few stars run to their plastic surgeons to boost up their boob. There are a few who go overboard with the ides – let’s just forget them for now. Then there are the other who absolutely needed a boob make-over. […]