Top 10 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures for Women

A majority of today’s women would do anything to look perfect. For some the latest plastic surgery trends in fashion are a way to achieve perfection, for other make-up and cosmetics are inevitable in their quest to look good. For those who struggle with weight, gyming is a must have in their daily routine. However, […]

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Breast Implants

Real or fake? – That’s always the question when it comes to a perfect pair of celebrity boobs. But these ladies here leave no scope to speculation. Anyone with a good eye can easily make out the Breast augmentation procedures they have undergone – sadly all of these look horribly wrong or you can say […]

Top 10 Bollywood Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After

Cosmetic surgery is the norm for celebrities across the world. In order to maintain their super-glamorous looks suited for the limelight, celebrities are ever ready to go under the knofe. A nip and tuck, here and there won’t hurt either. We can see varying degrees of plastic surgery’s benefits and misuse through our stars. While […]

Top 10 Worst Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters from Hollywood

Is Plastic surgery good or bad? – There have been enough debates over this topic. While some say that a nip and tuck from time to time is no harm at all, others argue that it is not good to tamper with your natural appearance. The negativity of plastic surgery is however brought out by […]