Top 10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong – Complete Disaster

If it is bound to get wrong – it will. Plastic surgery is risky business. One wrong step and you will end up in the hall of shame with a weird plastic face. There are more unfortunate celebrities who ended up being plastic surgery victims than celebrities who have actually benifitted from it. Some of […]

Top 10 Best Celebrity Plastic Surgery

We hear a lot about celebrity plastic surgery – most of it is naturally criticism for the overdose of plastic surgery and how bad it looks. Disasters are quite common among celebrity plastic surgery cases – especially in Hollywood. However, here are a few celebrities who knew what they were dealing with and got it […]

Top 10 Best Celebrity Nose Jobs

Plastic surgery is a celebrity favorite across the world. But Hollywood has a fierce addiction to plastic surgery, next only to South Korean stars. It is impossible to find a celebrity who hasn’t gone under the knife at least once. A nip and tuck there is considered absolutely essential to keep up with demands of […]