Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before and After

You may have noticed her holding a “prestigious” position on our ‘Top worst celebrity nose jobs’ list. But that’s not all that bell is guilty of – the 40 plus actress had to have visited the plastic surgeon more than once to look like a youthful 20 something old.

Has Catherine Bell had a nose job and breast implants ?

The suspicions and rumors arose owing to the fact that the hot star hasn’t had any significant change on her face as she aged – except of course, the nose. Apart from the Rhinoplasty to shape up her otherwise perfect nose, she is strongly suspected of having had a eyelift surgery and regular facelifts as well. Though, all of these have been done to improve her appearance, the popular opinion is that it was just useless and outright disaster.

catherine bell nose job before and after photo

Catherine bell before and after plastic surgery

There aren’t many fans for her stretched tight face or her pointy fake nose. The facelift has left her stiff faced, while the nose job was absolutely unnecessary distraction from her otherwise stunning features. The eyelid surgery may have gone right up to an extent – it has tightened up her eye area, removed the baggy skin under her eyes and given her a refreshed look.

Watch Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Video

He fans are not too happy with plastic surgery’s intrusion on her stars pretty face. Neither are we or the other celebrity watchers. Catherine could have aged gracefully and naturally. There was nothing wrong with her original face. The pinched nose looks a little out of place and the face a little too tight for our liking. Hope she doesn’t have any more plans to mess it all up further.

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