Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic Showing Facelift and Nose Job

44 year old British actress and Academy award winner, Catherine Zeta Jones is rumored to have joined the bandwagon of celebrities who depend on plastic surgery to keep their ‘beauty’ intact. No doubt Catherine is a glamorous lady and is widely popular for her powerful performance in movies like ‘The Mask of Zorro’.  But she can’t naturally remain young and glowing forever. Now past the 40 mark, Cat is definitely seeing the need for a little help from cosmetic procedures.

Did Catherine Zeta-Jones Have Plastic Surgery ?

So how did these rumors come about? Of course, she hasn’t admitted to out to the public yet. So, the only other way is carefully scrutinize her before and after pictures – which will definitely give you a lot of clues. Most of these rumors stress on Catherine’s decision to undergo a breast augmentation procedure. And that is positively backed by the visibly larger bust, Ms Jones sports nowadays. Other speculations revolve around breast implants, Rhinoplasty and Botox.

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic surgery Catherine Zeta Jones before and after photo

Catherine Zeta Jones Plastic surgery photo

The Botox rumor is speculated because of the lack of wrinkles on Catherine’s forehead. She could have possibly undergone a facelift too. Otherwise, all we can say is that she is aging really slow. The breast implants are very much visible and Catherine’s pictures show a significant change. This is only possible with the help of re-sizing and re-shaping surgery. The narrower nose points towards a finely executed nose surgery – nothing over the top, but just enough to balance out her face.

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The good part is that unlike some of her fellow actors, Catherine hasn’t gone over-board with her plastic surgery experiments. We hope she will keep it to that.

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