Celebrities Butt Implants Gone Wrong – List

Plastic surgery can do a lot of thing to make you perfect – on your own terms. These include oce considered taboo procedures like butt implants. Why would someone want a protruding butt, you may ask? Well, that’s how beauty works in today’s world of glamour. Celebrities splash around cash to look best from all angles and buttock implants are more common than ever now. So of them look great with their new backs, while some others didn’t know when to stop or unfortunately chose a bad plastic surgeon and ended up looking like trucks. Here are the top 10 celebrities who went under the knife for a butt augmentation.

Celebrities Whose Buttock Implants Gone Wrong

Chloe Sims

Chloe sims buttock implants, Chloe sims butt implants gone wrong

The British actress has been public about her plans to get a Brazilian butt lift. She was eager to shatter her teenager image and get a sexy body for herself. She even told media that she wanted larger butt implants than the plastic surgeons suggestion. She also seems to be in ‘love’ with Nicki Minaj’s butt and wanted one just like that. Well, close enough we think.

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag buttock implants, Heidi Montag butt implants gone wrong

No celebrity plastic surgery list is complete without Heidi’s name in there. Okay, so we know that a lot of plastic surgery happened on Heidi’s body – rarely good and undoubtedly disastrous. Heidi doesn’t seem to be enjoying the ‘plastic girl’ image granted to her by the media and clearly regrets her 10-a-day plastic surgery procedures. But yeah, great butt!

Countess Vaughn

Countess Vaughn buttock implants, Countess Vaughn butt implants gone wrong

Vaughn was unhappy with her uneven figure – large breasts and flat bottom. She decided to transfer some fat to her butt in an attempt to boost it up. She underwent liposuction, but was again unhappy about the results. Later she had another procedure to try and get a butt like Beyonce’s. Well! Almost.

Buffie the Body

Buffie the body buttock implants, Buffie the body butt implants gone wrong

Weird as her name, her plastic surgery story is weird too. In 2009, Buffie revealed that she had Dr. X transform some fat on her butt to make it fuller and shapely. She is happy that everyone is noticing the change.

Vanity Wonder

Vanity wonder buttock implants, Vanity wonder butt implants gone wrong

Vanity is famous as a video model and has been very open about her butt injection addictions. She has spent over $15,000 on buttock implants procedures. She does have a big butt – will get bigger, though?

Karissa Shannon

Karissa shannon buttock implants, Karissa shannon butt implants gone wrong

The playboy model and television actress had butt augmentation using hydrogel injections to maintain her sexy figure.

Jenna Jameson

Jenna jameson buttock implants, Jenna jameson butt implants gone wrong

The former porn star believes that ageing should not be a deterrent to cosmetic surgery. She had revealed her new butt implants to the press as well the guests at her 38th birthday party.

Virginia Gallardo

Virginia gallardo buttock implants, Virginia gallardobutt implants gone wrong

Though she has been showered by criticism, Virginia loves her large butts and believes that boosts her confidence. Her videos are actually dedicated to those who are hesitant to ‘get up and start looking good’. She sure does love her body, especially the fake butt.

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