Charlotte McKinney Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

If you are looking for a great model and actress you cannot go wrong with American born Charlotte McKinney. She is 22 years old but has already made a huge splash on the Hollywood scene. She is most well-known from her role on the reality TV show “Dancing with the Stars”. Since then she has went on to do other great things, including landing some big time modeling positions. Her fans often attribute her success to her beauty, while her critics say that her beauty is only there because she had plastic surgery. While it may be true that Charlotte had some work done on her face, one thing is for sure, that is not the only thing she has going for her.

Charlotte Mckinney plastic surgery before and after photos

Charlotte Mckinney plastic surgery

Her plastic surgery has been hotly debated among many people. When you look at these before and after photos it is a hard point to argue with. You can clearly see that she had some work done on different parts of her face. Her cheeks in the after photos give away the fact that she had Botox shots. You can tell by the lift in her face that there is some kind of filler there to help keep her face looking beautiful. Botox shots are very common and affordable so it would not come as a surprise that she gets them regularly.

The second noticeable surgery is her lip implants. In the before photos her lips look good, but thin. Now they appear to be much bigger than they were when she first started her career. Lip implants are done by injecting filler into the lips to give them more volume. There are some nasty side effects in the first couple days, which are noted by the swelling. However, after the swelling goes down her lips will look better than ever and she will continue to be a success in her ventures.